Green Screen Technology

The majority of our events use green screen technology.  This allows us to fully customize backgrounds for your event.  Is it something elegant or professional that you are looking for or does your event need something more whimsical, fun, or interactive?  Do you want a more corporate look or do you want to put your guests in their favorite vacation spot?  Using this technology allows us to offer it all – and it’s not unheard of to use a combination of these options in one event.

Below is a description of how the green screen events work.  For events that will not be using the green screen, click here.

  • Prior to your event, we custom design backgrounds based on your event theme or preferences.
  • At the event, guests get their picture taken in front of our green screen and choose from one of your pre-approved backgrounds.  
  • Photos are quickly edited with that background and sent to iPad kiosks for more interactive fun!  Guests immediately view their photos and choose to print, email, text, or upload them to social media.

Photos can be duplicated onto a projection screen in the room or for insertion into a scrapbook.  For information on these and other services we offer, click here.