Mosaic Fun in Columbus, OH!

Every mosaic is unique! You will WOW your guests while creating a meaningful keepsake at your event!

Fun mosaic facts:

  • A great mosaic starts with the final photo – this can be your corporate logo, your company building, the wedding couple, the bar/bat mitzvah child, your parents’ house, you get the idea…
  • Mosaic photos can come from pictures we take at your event using our green screen or roaming photographer services, photos you supply ahead of time, Twitter, or photos your guests take on their cell phones! We can work with one or many sources of photos or just one!
  • At the event’s conclusion, the hosts receives the completed board with all of the photos on it, which can be hung and/or framed. The host will also receive a high-resolution jpg with no copyrights that can be printed/framed in any number of sizes
  • If you are looking for an interactive way to entertain and amaze your guests…this is it! Guests come to the mosaic board at your event to put up the photos, helping to create the final masterpiece and they love looking a the board to find all of the photos of themselves and friends!
  • Copies of individual photos are also available for your guests to bring home

Our mosaic services are customized to meet your event goals. We use high-end software to allow for endless possibilities.

Corporate Logo:

Guests photos were taken at our green screen station, and we dropped out the green to color with background images needed. Guests added the printed result to the mosaic board and received a keepsake photo with a different image in the background. Their new logo was a surprise and they were excited to see what they were creating! We also included photos we had taken at their holiday party last December and they loved seeing those photos included!

Life Cycle Events: Roaming Photographer

Life cycle events make great mosaics with all of the friends and family in attendance! This one used the candid photos of friends and family taken by our roaming photographer. These photos were featured on a slideshow on the DJ’s monitors, as well as used to create this mosaic. Huge WOW factor for the guests, people loved finding photos of people they knew and adding photos to the board.

Perfect for weddings! Supply a photo of the bride and groom and we will make the magic happen as we take pictures at your reception – yours to keep after the party!

Life Cycle: Green Screen backgrounds

This mosaic was created with the friends and family photos taken by our green screen photographer. Guests chose the background for their take-home photo and those photos were also printed to create the mosaic.