The Classic

This package provides a fun, engaging, and interactive activity as well as party favors

  • Large 5×7 prints means it’s easy to see more than just a face and easily accommodates larger groups
  • custom background designs created to extend your party theme or express favorite places, colors, and interests
  • iPad stations allow guests a fun way to view their pictures and:
    • select the photos they wish to print
    • upload their favorite photos to text, social media, or email
  • black cardboard easel style frames provide a visually pleasing and easy way for guests to display all photos in their home or office
  • USB flash drive containing all photos from your event

Additional Event Options 

No-Print packages:  for events where it’s more convenient to have photos only electronically delivered (can include text, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

No backdrop packages: great for events where décor is already present (i.e. Santa Sittings), outdoor events, or when space is very tight.  See more here.  

Event Photo Props: it’s always fun to play “dress-up” with funny sunglasses, props on sticks, hats, boas, masks, and more


Scrapbook: Our scrapbooks allow guests to write messages  to the guest(s) of honor next to their photo.  Best of all, the scrapbook is finished and yours to look through before you leave your event! ceiling, or even on a blank wall!

Slideshow: guests love to see their picture “on the big screen” almost as soon as it’s taken.  Pictures can be shown on DJ’s (as shown) or on a venue screen coming down from the venue ceiling. Photos can come from our photo station or a roaming photographer.

Custom Party Favors: snow globes, key chains, and magnets are a few of the custom photo favors guests have taken home from our photo station

Have something in mind you don’t see here? Just ask!  We do our best to provide you with an event experience that is tailored to your needs.

Why consider a photo station vs a traditional photo booth?

While many companies offer to rent you a “photo booth,” we do not.  Photobooths are limiting, and we want the ability to give you everything we can. Our Photo Station allows for larger groups and faster moving lines (more photos for everyone!). Our photographers provide friendly and fun interactions with your guests and ensures more professional and creative photos.  The 4×6 and 5×7 prints are ideal for putting in frames (or using ours) around your home or office.